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Linux Kernel Compilation (2.4.18)


Linux Kernel Compilation is widely used to measure VM performance and owns unique characteristics. Among them, a high CPU and VM usage, mainly when forking its build (make -j). It's very important for our Compressed Cache development to compile the Linux Kernel since we will be able to check if our CPU overhead (mostly when de/compressed pages) will impact over scenarios like that. Of course we will also be able to check out if a kernel compilation would make better use of the reserved space for our current Compressed Cache and if we could improve the code and increase (maybe even more) overall system performance when running such kind of applications.


A script for this test has been written to collect the data. Every kernel compilation is done after a reboot, through a script linked to the rcS.d directory.


Time (-j1)
Time (-j2)
Time (-j4)

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